If today we were to look at Internet consumption in India, it would come as no surprise that India is the second largest country in terms of Internet users in the world. In the coming years, it is predicted to continue to be the fastest growing market.  According to a study conducted by Groupe Speciale Mobile Association in 2016, Internet will soon reach the rural interiors of the country and by the time we reach the year 2020, the number of people using Internet in India will grow to 700 million as compared to 350 million users recorded in 2015; an estimated growth of 2 times in five years

It is not at all surprising that popular and novice Internet Service Providers are allocating an enormous investment for the upgrade of their existing networks. With the introduction of Fibre optic Cables, flexible plans, value added services, the future of high-speed broadband in India looks promising for the customer. India’s average internet speed of 3.5 MBPS is one of the lowest speeds in the Asia Pacific region as per the report "Fourth Quarter, 2015, State of the Internet Report" released by Akamai Technologies Inc.  However with Fibre to the Home (FTTH) penetration gaining momentum, this is set to change. Players like Airtel offer broadband speed up to 40 MBPS in metropolitan cities such as Bangalore.    

What do Broadband Packages offer?

In metro cities such as Bangalore where life moves at lightning speed without a break, most users would expect the same from their broadband connections. Owing it to the wide selection of super-fast fibre optical internet packages, users are spoilt for choice when they are looking for a broadband connection that will suit their requirements. Some key aspects that one should consider while choosing the best broadband in Bangalore, Delhi, Hyderabad and Chennai are:

  • High Browsing speed
  • Reliable Download and speeds
  • Cost of modem and plans
  • Post purchase service levels
  • Special and top up packs
  • Customer support
  • Least or no downtime

Factors to be considered while choosing a high-speed Broadband in Bangalore

A plethora of players offer broadband in Bangalore with each claiming it offers the best high speed Internet plans. Though most continue to use copper cables, reputable telecom operators have now shifted to Fiber to the Home (FTTH) plans in Bangalore. FTTH delivers higher speed as compared to conventional copper wire connections (DSL and cable).

Broadband service providers are relentlessly looking for ways to enhance their customer’s experiences—be it with undisturbed internet service, strong network or innovative plans which collectively enriches user’s journey. Established broadband players like Airtel offer some of the most exclusive and attractive features. With Airtel, customers get unlimited free voice calls on landline device and WiFi router at no extra cost as well. Customers can also expect 24x7 support, value added services, online payments, and excellent live-streaming and download speeds.

In conclusion, the options for broadband in Bangalore are many and most will offer you competition prices and catchy advertisements. It is advisable to choose the best and the best offers value of services over and above the expected ones. After sales services, ease of purchase, reliability of provider and plans that meet price constraints should be the factors affecting your broadband decisions.

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